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The Rainbow Delegation Story

The Rainbow Delegation story began in 2010. Started by Matt Mazzei, a student at Fresno State University, the project was a way to show support and provide visibility for the LGBT community and its supporters. The rainbow wristbands were also envisioned as a way to combat bullying both through visibility and by making allies easily recognizable and allowing those needing support to know who was safe to approach.


What started as a small effort soon ballooned into an international campaign. Mazzei and his volunteers worked to set up a website for requests and a system to meet the growing demand.


Within a year  wristbands had been mailed to people in 76 countries. Individual and community donations kept the project operating, but it soon became clear that the Rainbow Delegation had morphed into a massive project, and a vital service to people around the world.

The Rainbow Delegation continues under a 501©(3) non-profit organization. Any and all funds accrued go into purchasing more bands and mailing materials so that we can send out bands to anyone who identifies as LGBT or wants to show support as an ally.