About the Bracelets

What are Rainbow Delegation Bracelets?
They are bright, plastic, rainbow colored bracelets that show your support for LGBT equality!
Who wears Rainbow Bracelets?
All sorts of people are proud to wear these bracelets (check out our photos and testimonials). Old, young, straight, gay…. It doesn’t matter!
You do not have to be gay, lesbian, transgender, or bi to wear a bracelet… you just have to be an ally!
What does wearing a Rainbow Bracelet mean?
Wearing a bracelet tells those around you that you don’t support homophobic jokes or slurs and that you are a safe person to talk to. Read some of our testimonials to find out what sort of impacts these simple bracelets can have on the world.
 How do I get a bracelet? Are they Free?
Unfortunately, we are unable to provide the bracelets at this time.







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