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The Rainbow Delegation Story

The Rainbow Delegation story began in 2010. Started by Matt Mazzei, a student at Fresno State University, the project was a way to show support and provide visibility for the LGBT community and its supporters. The rainbow wristbands were also envisioned as a way to combat bullying both through visibility and by making allies easily recognizable and allowing those needing support to know who was safe to approach.

What started as a small effort soon ballooned into an international campaign. Mazzei and his volunteers worked to set up a website for requests and a system to meet the growing demand.

Within a year  wristbands had been mailed to people in 76 countries. Individual and community donations kept the project operating, but it soon became clear that the Rainbow Delegation had morphed into a massive project, and a vital service to people around the world.

In June of 2012, Gay Central Valley, a local 501(c)(3) non-profit organization offered to take over the expanding project in order to facilitate more fundraising and possible financial grants, while utilizing our base of volunteers to do the work necessary for the project to thrive. The project transfer was completed and the Fresno LGBT Community Center, also a project of Gay Central Valley, became the base of operations for the Rainbow Delegation.

On July 25th, 2012, Gay Central Valley unveiled a new Rainbow Delegation website and a new process for purchasing bracelets.

Rainbow Delegation Wristbands are also available at the Fresno LGBT Community Center in Fresno for those who can drop by and pick one up.

As a nonprofit, Gay Central Valley and our various projects rely on donations and financial grants to operate. All donations are tax deductible. Our Tax ID number is 26-4218296. You can make a donation by clicking on the DONATE or SUPPORT buttons on this and our other websites. Donations can also be mailed to us. Please make your check out to either Gay Central Valley or The Rainbow Delegation and mail them to

Fresno LGBT Community Center

1055 N Van Ness Avenue Suite A

Fresno, CA  93728

If you are local to Fresno CA,… we encourage you to visit the Fresno LGBT Community Center, the new Rainbow Delegation Headquarters.  The Fresno LGBT Community Center is located at 1055 N Van Ness Ave Suite A Fresno CA. The Center is open Tues – Sat / Noon – 5pm.
For more information email rainbowdelegation@gaycentralvalley.org


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